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As an expat living in Rocky Point for about 8 years, I am often asked about Mexico’s Healthcare. Rarely do my inquisitors actually know how qualified I am to answer that question. I am not a doctor, nurse, or never worked in the industry. I never had health issues growing up other than the typical kid’s stuff related to sports and said kid stuff.

My first real education of anatomy was about 7 years ago, shortly after I saw a local appraiser leaving my office looking for me, but also preparing to leave said office. I was assisting a friend in another office Clinicwithin the Plaza Las Glorias Commercial Plaza. My friend’s office, (I’ll call him Steve) was always open, and by that I mean the front door was always open. Well, this is where it gets interesting; it was my first afternoon in early June in Rocky Point. That is the time people start shutting doors in the afternoon or shortly before 12:06 P.M. when this discovery was made painfully clear. It is important to note two things here. This office had vinyl lettering and signage in every window except one, and the one window without these markings was right next to the front door and relatively the same size and shape of the front door I thought I was exiting.

So picture within a horseshoe shaped office, a 200 pound plus guy approaching forty something, realizing he had a short window of time to reach an important appointment. I started at one end of the horseshoe and started to run through the laundry room around the corner and by the time I hit the lobby, I was a serious force of inertia.

Did I mention, the window was really clean?

Needless to say, shortly there after, there was quite a mess just outside of the Seaside office. People were screaming and gathering, and worse they were pointing. I being in shock was the only calm person there, until of coarse I saw what everyone was pointing at.

Well the ride to the Santa Fe Clinic probably seemed strange to onlookers as one person sat next to the cab holding my hand in a towel, and another individual, less than sober was holding my foot on, except during Steve’s intermittent braking and accelerations that required the less than sober volunteer to use my somewhat detached foot to keep him from falling out of the truck. The truck bed was chosen by me, while in shock, because I did not want to get blood inside of the afore offered van.

I was not yet a student of anatomy, but did start to understand that something wasn’t right with my right foot. I entered the Santa Fe Clinic, still unaware of the severity of my condition, yet realized there were some concerns in the eyes and voices of the staffers as I was admitted immediately. I was in surgery for over 8 hours, with four Dr’s attending to me.

I learned that day that all windows are not safety glass. I learned that feet and hands have five tendons each, and one major artery each and they are vitally important to one’s standing. (So to speak)

I severed four of the five tendons, and the one artery in my right foot. I severed three tendons and the artery in my left hand. I learned that severed meant totally cut in two pieces, meaning that I cut seven tendons and two arteries totally in half.

There were other less serious complications, including glass in parts that I still don’t understand.

Now that I have made a short story long, please understand that I am living proof that there is great healthcare in this town. I know many people that have had serious complications in the healthcare provided all over the world.

While I was in the Santa Fe Clinic, a friend’s wife was admitted for very serious burns. They did everything they could and then transported her to a world renowned burn facility in Arizona. I saw her a few weeks back, and she too has recovered remarkably.

I have heard time after time of incidents like these that have for the most part gone unnoticed because it wasn’t the news that sells. Like that terrible Swine Flu that has instilled fear worldwide. It started in Mexico, but it was handled in Mexico better than most all other infected communities. Most front page writers missed that The World Health Organization as well as the Center for Disease Control and other authorities gave Mexico the highest rankings in their efforts and ability to control the virus.

Thank you Mexico

Story by Kent White who sells Rocky Point Real Estate for the past 8 years.

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  • Will Hart:

    I find the healthcare system down here in Ensenada to be great. I am 68 and my doc visits are less than $5 for a check up. I can buy whatever I need from the pharmacy. The docs down here actually listen to me and don’t just nod and ordeer a chem panel as US doctors typically do. I can actually get free care across the border but usualy forego it because it is so cheap here. Americas have no idea of how far off the mark the US healthcare system is….

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