El Delfin Amigable
"The Friendly Dolphin"

El Delfin Amigable is a lovely restaurant in Rocky Point's "Old Town" area. The food is all seafood and the atmosphere is incredible. The author and his wife visited the "El Delfin Amigable" as often as possible and are always thoroughly entertained.

The restaurant is owned and operated by Gaston Rochin. Not only is the dining remarkable, but Gaston is wont to appear at a customer's table and sing. When we are there Gaston usually visits our table a couple of times throughout the evening.

Gaston loves to sing. His appearance in the dining room is not uncommon and is a joy to behold.

The author and his wife give the "El Delfin Amigable" a two fins up!

If you visit "The Friendly Dolphin", (and you should), tell Gaston you heard about him and the restaurant on the Internet!

gaston7.gif (27658 bytes)

The staff is wonderful, attentive and has nearly as much fun as the guests. The "Friendly Dolphin" is an evening you wont soon forget.....

The "El Delfin Amigable"is located in the "Old Port" section of Rocky Point on Ave. Alcantar (the main street out of the "Old Port"). Visa and Master Card are accepted and reservations are available except Saturday.

You can call for reservations in Rocky Point at 3-26-08.

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